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TweetDeck versus HootSuite: Which is Better?

I’ve been using TweetDeck for many months, but as I increase the number people I’m following, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to stay organized and manage my lists, and have been generally dissatisfied with the UI, and the fact that you have to download it to your desktop versus just accessing it online.  The final straw occurred last week when I updated my desktop version and some extremely annoying skin of the band Blink182 with the most annoying alert sounds I’ve EVER heard appeared without me having asked for it.
Not sure why it automatically downloaded.  Here’s the page for people that WANT to download it:

Anywho, after spending several hours trying to get rid of it, I decided to search around for other Twitter management options.  I’d been vaguely following the Mashable HootSuite updates on Twitter, so decided to check it out.

After just 30 minutes, I was completely HOOKED.

  • First of all, there is no desktop download, so the same HootSuite is accessible from any PC.
  • I was able to easily click on a Twitter ID, have a pop up with summary information appear within the HootSuite console, and click “add to list” at the bottom of the profile snapshot, which dramatically simplified the list management process. TweetDeck’s functionality is sorely lacking on this front.
  • HootSuite can update wordpress, typepad, etc.
  • There are multiple layers of tabs that can be customized by services such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., or combined into easy summary views.
  • The UI – with no customization, was much more my style.  Skins readily available for those who want other options

Here are a few other opinions from around the web on this topic:

Mahalo Answers has several comments for both sides

Sticky Figure uses both together

GREENiSLAND Marketing also prefers HootSuite

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure, but this is what I learned today about social media!



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