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Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Tips

I attended Guy Kawasaki’s great WebEx today (Twitter #meet@webex) on B2b social media — along with tens of thousands of other people.  As you would expect, Guy’s content was fantastic, and I’ll say a few words about that of course, but what I really love these days is the participating in the tweetstreams as these events are happening.  There were thousands of tweets sent out with the #meet@webex hashtag before, during and after the webcast (OK, I didn’t count them, but I’m sure there were thousands).

If you haven’t participated on Twitter while attending an event, you should really give it a try. It’s a rich experience for several reasons:

  • adds depth and color to the presentation, and behind the scenes chatter
  • allows you to interact with hundreds/thousands of people and add-on to the discussion
  • allows you to participate in the discussion even if you aren’t at the actual event
  • fulfulls every modern-day person’s ADD by promoting multi-tasking (either on your PC, or while sitting in the audience of a conference)

Guy focused on Twitter as the B2B social media channel with the biggest potential for the largest group of B2B marketers. He admitted to going through a Twitter growth curve (I talked about my own growth curve in a previous post titled “Do You Get Twitter”. Guy said if you first thought Twitter was stupid, you passed the IQ test, which I completely identify with.

 He also spent some time demoing some pretty cool features of the Advanced Search feature on Twitter.  I thought the use of the AND feature was pretty cool — it enables you to search on multiple competitors that appear in the same tweet — to further the listening and learning process. Below you can see some of the tweets either recapping quotes from Guy, or furthering the conversation.

 He spent alot of time talking about making tweets “fascinating, saying:

He also said that social media is where the Internet was 15 year ago, which I completely agree with.  Can’t wait to see/participate in the evolution of it going forward!

Link to G.K article posted after the webcast on How to Be Fascinating


4 thoughts on “Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Tips

  1. Great post and recap! I totally agree that monitoring the tweetstream adds a whole new dimension to the content. For some reason, I found it easier to do with a Webex meeting than when I’m live at a conference. Weird.

    What I like best about Guy is that he’s unapologetic about his views on twitter. There’s tremendous pressure (at times) from social media thugs who want to impose their behaviours onto everyone. Basically, creating ‘best practice’ from their perspective. But, this forum is so new and it’s still evolving so I don’t think there is a right answer. Interesting to hear Guy’s take.

    Thanks for including me in your screenshot!

    • Thanks for the comments Geoff! I agree with you about it being easier via webex than live at an event. I think we are all so used to having multiple windows open that it just seems natural.

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