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NetProspex Ranks Industries Based On Social Media Engagement

SAP experts and IT systems analysts are more social than the rest of us? Who knew?

According to a new report from NetProspex, the “search engines and online portals” industry is the most social media savvy industry in the US. In fact, the industry’s average NetProspex Social Index Rating was 98.74, nearly one third higher than the second place finisher –which just happens to be all of us here in “advertising and marketing.”

NetProspex ranked a variety of industries based on employee involvement in social media. All told, the company says it analyzed more than 2 million contacts from its business contact database.

In other headlines from the research:

  • The Banking industry scored third on the list, outperforming the Traditional Media industry, which includes more conventional media such as TV and newspapers.
  • Toys and Games came in fifth, ranking as the most media savvy industry in the consumer products sector and beating out Consumer Electronics (# 9), Retail Apparel (#10), Home Appliances (#18) and Jewelry (#23).
  • The IT industry (#8) finished just in front of the Software industry (#9).
  • Trucking, Moving and Storage was the only blue collar industry to make the Top 50 list, coming in at #48.
  • Among all industries NetProspex studied, the Tobacco industry has the least amount of employees on Twitter, with a Twitter user rating of 1.1
  • I was somewhat surprised to see that industries related to medical care did not make the Top 50 list at all. Even though part of their mission is typically dedicated to community outreach and education, Hospital and Clinics had an average social rating of 6.97, almost half the amount of the lowest ranked industry in the Top 50 list. The Veterinary Care industry had an average social rating of 3.59.

If you’re hungry for even more data, NetProspex also analyzed social media activity by job, company and city. (Let’s hear it for San Francisco, which ranked –you guessed it –Number One!)

See the complete lists here.


4 thoughts on “NetProspex Ranks Industries Based On Social Media Engagement

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  2. In a way it doesn’t seem like the results are that strange. I love working in IT but since I started working in IT I found the only people I can really talk to about my job are other people in IT. Despite my being a marketing consultant, even my fellow marketers claim they have tossed me into “Chandler’s” category as they do not understand what I do. Banking tends to be another industry where people bond with their colleagues as they can easily relate to the stressors of the job. But in the medical field there is a lot of concern over disclosure when it comes to the patient and beyond patients its an industry that’s highly competitive and secretive. As for tobacco, Americans are so anti-smoking they’ll even go to France and complain of people smoking at cafes. I’d think for many in the tobacco industry they’d rather people NOT know how they earn an income. Love your blog posts!


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