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Most Americans Age 12 and Over Use Facebook

Facebook login pageWe all seem to “know” that it’s true. But, now there’s data to corroborate our hunch: Yes, Americans are consuming more digital media than ever before, and they’re consuming it in new ways and across multiple, different venues.

For proof, check out these new survey results from Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research. The new study, titled The Infinite Dial 2011: Navigating Digital Platforms, found that:

  • Facebook is now being used by a majority (51 percent) of all Americans age 12 and over. Just three years ago, when Arbitron/Edison Research first measured the social media phenomenon in 2008, this number was only 8 percent.
  • Likewise, a majority of American households (51 percent) now have two or more computers –that’s up significantly from 24 percent of households in 2002.
  • Daily time spent with TV, radio and the internet combined has increased by 20 percent in the last ten years, with self-reported daily usage now at 8 hours 11 minutes compared to 6 hours 50 minutes in 2001.
  • Usage of online radio is up significantly, too, with weekly usage of all forms of online radio doubling in the last five years. Self-reported weekly time spent with online radio is now nearly 10 hours (9 hours 47 minutes).
  • Among the 81 percent of American households with Internet access, two-thirds now have a Wi-Fi network installed.

What do these survey results mean for marketers?

They mean that digital marketing is here to stay.

Technology has completely transformed the marketing landscape, and today’s marketers need to create campaigns that consistently incorporate both digital and more traditional channels. Keep in mind that it’s not just the media that has evolved –customers have changed the way they interact with the media, as well. Now, when you’re designing content, you must create it for a prospect who is actively involved in consuming –and controlling –a wide range of digital media channels.


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