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Business Executives Think Social Media Is a Strategic Imperative

the word strategy written across the pages of a bookNew results from Jive Software reveal that most executives now consider “social business” a strategic executive imperative both in and for the enterprise.

The study, called the Jive Social Business Index 2011, was conducted in May 2011 and surveyed 301 executives, 301 working millennials and 300 general knowledge workers at both large (1000+ employees) and mid-size companies (500 – 999 employees) across various industries.

Among the findings I found most intriguing:

  • Social is now a top executive strategic imperative. More than three-fourths (78 percent) of the executives polled believe having a social strategy is critical to the future success of their businesses.  Nearly two-thirds (66 percent) said that social applications for business represent a fundamental shift in how work will get done and how companies will engage with customers. The majority (83 percent) of executives leverage at least one social network for work use.
  • App interest is on the rise. Most (70 percent) of executives and 51 percent of millennials have downloaded at least one web-based application for work use either on their mobile device or personal computer. Why? Because 92 percent of executives and 82 percent of millennials believe that work-related web-based apps greatly or somewhat increased their productivity. Unfortunately, though 58 percent of either group (executives and millenials) said they did not seek or receive permission from a systems administrator or an IT professional before downloading or using apps in the workplace.
  • Email use is growing, but effective communication at work remains a challenge. All three of the groups surveyed said that workplace email use has increased over the past two years, but 89 percent of executives, 88 percent of millennials and 76 percent of general knowledge workers believe that they and their teams would be more productive if they could dramatically reduce the time spent writing and reading emails. Interestingly, executives (73 percent), millenials (73 percent) and general knowledge workers (64 percent) all agree that social platforms will fundamentally change the way people share, connect and learn at work and with companies.

These results clearly demonstrate how social media is fundamentally changing the way businesses communicate both internally and externally. It’s also worth noting how quickly this transformation is occurring. Just a few years ago, companies held social media at arm’s length.  Now, we’re seeing study after study showing how critical social networks have become to business success.


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