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Study Shows Shift in Twitter Language Statistics

twitter birdThe field of social media marketing is continually evolving, and often, yesterday’s statistic can fall in the wake of today’s study.  Here’s a case in point.

As recently as this past December, I wrote about research regarding global Twitter usage by language. This 2011 Semiocast study ranked Tweets worldwide, and found that, based on volume, English tweets came in first place, Japanese in second and Portuguese in third.

Although these three languages continue to hold the top three spots in the same order, Semiocast recently released a new study showing an interesting shift: Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese, now has more Twitter accounts than Japan.

While no other country comes even close to matching the United States’ 107.7 million accounts, Brazil’s surge past Japan (33.3 million to 29.9 million) is impressive.  Rounding out the top 10 countries with the most Twitter accounts were the U.K., Indonesia, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain and Canada.  As numbers in these and other countries continue to climb, the US percentage of all Twitter users continues to drop—American accounts now comprises only 28.1 percent of users worldwide.

Of course, the number of accounts per country isn’t the only measurement of global Twitter influence.  Semiocast also analyzed the amount of activity per account in each country.  Here Japan continues to outpace Brazil. Between September 1 and November 30th of last year, 30 percent of Japanese Twitter users posted Tweets; 25 percent of Brazilian Twitter users did the same.  (Interestingly,  the global average is 27 percent.)

The following list shows the most active countries on Twitter:

Netherlands, 33 percent

Japan, 30 percent

Spain, 29 percent

U.S., 28 percent

Indonesia, 28 percent

Venezuela, 28 percent

Canada, 28 percent

U.K., 26 percent

Mexico, 26 percent

Columbia, 26 percent

As I’ve previously reported, studies such as these provide valuable insights into how quickly countries around the world are embracing social media platforms.  These trends will continue to shift and unfold, though, and marketing strategies on the international level will need to adjust accordingly.


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