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Which Social Media Brands Are the Strongest?

using Facebook on laptopMany consumers use Facebook for online social networking. Others would rather engage via Twitter. Lots of the business professionals I know like LinkedIn the best. Taking all these different preferences into account, how would you rank the value of today’s social network brands?

Before you answer, consider for a moment what the brand value rating agency BV4 has to say on the subject. Just yesterday, BV4 released what’s being billed as the first-ever ranking of social network brands.

According to the analysis, the top four social media brands are:

  • Facebook, with an estimated brand value of $29.115 bn
  • YouTube, $18.099 bn
  • Twitter, $13.309 bn
  •  the Chinese network Qzone, $11.237 bn

Three more social networks from China are in the top 12: Sina Weibo (5), Tencent Weibo (8) and Facebook copy Renren (12).

BV4 estimates that altogether, the thirty most valuable brands have a brand value of $125 bn.

For the study, “brand value” corresponds to the income of a social network that can be generated merely by virtue of the brand.  As BV4 points out in a press release, on the one hand, brand value depends on the income generated by a social network. But, on the other hand, it depends on the strength of the brand. Therefore, the stronger a brand, the more its income is driven by the brand. Important value drivers examined in individual brands include brand awareness and diffusion rate, as well as loyalty (such as average visiting time per user).

The full report by BV4, in cooperation with the Department of Social Media Management of the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich, is available here.


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