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Four Steps to Maximize Facebook Engagement with Video

Facebook Like ButtonEarlier this year, I recommended three types of Facebook video posts that can offer the highest levels of engagement and social return on investment: the landing page video, the company culture video and the how-to-video. Now, let’s discuss ways that you can optimize Facebook videos like these to maximize fan engagement, delight loyal brand enthusiasts and draw in new customers.

The Five-Minute Rule

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook video is the attention span of your audience. Resolve to keep all of your videos between two and five minutes in length, and edit out all information that isn’t relevant. 300 seconds is longer than you think; you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in that amount of time. Remember, any supplemental information should be readily available on your website for fans who want to dig deeper.

Grab Their Attention (In Ten Seconds or Less)

You have three minutes, or so, to tell a story. But, you’ve got even less time to make a first impression and increase the odds that your fans will watch your clip from beginning to end. While video may be the most engagement-inspiring content at your disposal, it’s also on the front lines in the battle for audience attention. There is now an almost limitless supply of video content available to tempt your customers and fans, and you’ll need to distinguish your company’s message above all this noise. Here are a few sobering stats to keep top-of-mind:

  • 20 percent of viewers tune out a video in ten seconds or less.
  • As many as one- third move on by 30-seconds.
  • 44 percent are gone at one minute.
  • Almost 60 percent leave by-the two minute mark.

Clearly, any video you produce must be engaging enough to break through that ten second barrier and draw your fans in. How can you accomplish this? Use compelling visuals. Focus on the most relevant message. And, repeat this mantra: “Say what you’re going to say. Say it. Then, say it again.”


Think of your Facebook page as a “home” for your videos, and create a comfortable and inviting place where your fans want to return again and again. One of the best ways to start managing and optimizing your video collection is to install an app to help you. For example, the YouTube Facebook app can help you maintain videos on both your Facebook page and on a YouTube page. Plus, it keeps these powerful social tools in sync. Never underestimate the power of thoughtful organization and synchronization to amplify your reach.

Engage and Share

The YouTube Facebook app also adds a comment field to your videos when it syncs to Facebook, facilitating conversations with both Facebook and YouTube audiences. Take advantage of this feature and invite your audience to engage with the videos by leaving comments. Perhaps your video can ask a question to solicit fans’ advice or thoughts? The key here is that you want to engage your audience with your current video while enticing them to come back for another and/or continued dialogue. When you consistently respond to fans in this way, you help establish your company as a trusted (and helpful) source of information in your field. Of course, building trust with your fans is also the first step in encouraging them to share your company’s content with their social networks. Once they make a connection with your company, your fans are more likely to spread your video to their friends.

Facebook is a great platform to showcase your company’s visual storytelling skills. Ultimately, all four of these steps work together to help you develop a Facebook video presence that maximizes fan engagement, nurtures brand advocates and converts prospects into increased sales.


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