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Could LinkedIn Answers Be the Ace in Your B2B Strategy?

LinkedIn logoLinkedIn is the social media darling of the B2B world. It provides an easy-to-use digital toolbox for traditional business tasks like business development, recruiting, networking, marketing and sales. So once you’ve set up a personal profile, built out your company profile, made some smart connections and joined a few groups, you’ve made the most of it, right?

Not so fast–LinkedIn offers another valuable opportunity to engage with B2B buyers—and boost your inbound marketing efforts.

It’s time to consider what LinkedIn Answers could do for your business.

LinkedIn Answers gives users the ability to both ask and answer questions on a wide variety of business topics, from defining basic business terms to diving deep into complex business strategy and problem solving.

Aside from offering a great resource for personal development, the constantly updated database of questions provides seasoned marketing pros with a golden opportunity to share their depth of knowledge and expertise.

For example, here are some ways B2B marketers can put LinkedIn Answers to work. You can:

Discover what kind of content people want most. Which questions are most frequently asked? Which answers aren’t quite covering all the bases? Do certain answers get positive feedback? By keeping up-to-date with the conversations at LinkedInAnswers, you can better understand what kind of information people are actively seeking, and then you can provide it for them not only on LinkedIn Answers, but on your blog and social media platforms, as well.

Get to know potential allies—and the competition. LinkedIn Answers give you the chance to meet a great collaborator with a complementary offering… and a glimpse into how your competitors are positioning their expertise and their product or service.

Use pain points and questions to improve your business. What do your prospective customers struggle with most? Where do products like yours fall short? What do prospects wish you could do for them… but you don’t yet? LinkedIn Answers give you a glimpse into what your B2B market really thinks and feels, and how you could be serving them better.

Engage potential customers—without a pitch. I’ve already mentioned that LinkedIn Answers is a great spot to establish your expertise, but make sure you steer clear of offering any kind of sales talk when you’re responding to questions. A clear, helpful answer can do as much to engage a potential customer as the best line of copy in your ads.

Many B2B businesses invest time and money into learning more about their market and their competition. However, with LinkedIn Answers, you don’t need deep pockets to get access to a wealth of valuable insights.


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