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Seven in Ten Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+

laptop useSeveral weeks ago, I shared the encouraging results of a study that indicated corporate CEOs were finally starting to “get” social media.

But now, new research sponsored by Domo and CEO.com reminds us that “getting it” and “doing it” aren’t the same thing . . . at all.

In fact, this latest study found that social media engagement by the CEOs of America’s 500 largest revenue generating corporations lags well behind that of the general public –and well behind leaders of non-Fortune 500 organizations, too.

With the exception of LinkedIn, where they comprise a greater percentage than the rest of the country (26 versus 20 percent), Fortune 500 CEOs have an abysmal social media presence.  Just take a look at these numbers: Continue reading