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Most Companies Still Not Measuring Social Media ROI

hand on keyboardI find the continued unwillingness of some business executives to embrace social media to be, in the words of young Alice in Wonderland, “curiouser and curiouser.” Could it be a reluctance to go down what they perceive to be a “rabbit hole?”

Although a new study conducted seems to indicate that more and more corporate leaders do believe in the importance of social media platforms  from a business perspective, with more than half stating they expect to increase their social media budget in the future, the percentages take a nosedive once survey questions focused on strategy and implementation.  That’s surprising, especially considering rising customer expectations of corporate social media responsiveness and other research demonstrating how businesses can use social media platforms to improve their bottom lines.

With more than 400 responses from management personnel at the director or above level, each of whom stated they were social media decision-makers or influencers in their companies, the findings from this study were indeed a mixed bag.  On the plus side:  Continue reading

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Social Networking At Work Can Improve Morale And Reduce Employee Turnover

laptop on deskAs any employer or human resource professional will tell you, employee turnover can have a dramatic impact on corporate costs in terms of recruitment, training and overall productivity. Retaining and motivating qualified, experienced staff goes a long way towards stabilizing a company’s performance and, ultimately, customer satisfaction . . . and now, there’s evidence that workplace social media networks can help.

Researchers at Baylor University took a deep-dive into the endeavors made by a specific large financial institution to incorporate online social networking into the new employee orientation process. They found multiple benefits –the work-sponsored internal social networking site helped new employees feel more welcome from day one, new employees used the network to forge work relationships and adjust more quickly to their job responsibilities, etc. –all of which can lead to greater job satisfaction, dedication and productivity.

More specifically, the study showed that an internal social network helped the financial institution: Continue reading