Social Media Marketing

Happy Social Media Day!

Today, Mashable has declared it the first ever Social Media Day— with a variety of social activities going on, including more than 600 meetups all over the world.  Get out there and participate!

There are several meetups happening in the Bay Area. For more information about the San Francisco one, click here.

A quick scan of the tweetstream (#smday) shows hundreds of tweets advertising meetups, spreading the word about other activities of the day, and just joining in with a tweet of support.  General mood of the tweets seems to be celebratory and lots of anticipation for the meetups later today, and some companies doing special promos.

In the 10 minutes it took me to write this post, 200 new tweets went out with the #smday hashtag

Here is a snapshot of some of them:

 For my part, I’m planning to do some tweeting, post this blog, and launch my company’s first forray into Facebook advertising.  I’ll report back on how the ads go. As a B2B company, should be an interesting test.

Happy Social Media Day!