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How Family Members Use Facebook To Communicate

Facebook Like ButtonFacebook recently released a robust report about how families are using Facebook pages to communicate with one another. The study, drawn from hundreds of thousands of “anonymized” posts where people identified themselves as parents and children, provides a fascinating peek into who in a family initiates the Facebook friendship, who is the most responsive, topics discussed, etc.

Reach Out and Friend Someone

So, who extends the friend request—parent or child?  As with so many other social media studies, this one showed differences by age group:

  • By and large, adolescents ages 13-17 took the lead in starting Facebook friendships with their parents. More than 65 percent of the friendships between 13 year olds and their moms and/or dads were initiated by the child.
  • This percentage begins to drop as the child ages, with only four in 10 of sons and daughters in their mid-twenties sending friend requests to parents.
  • Then, the trend swings upwards once more as children reach their thirties and forties, with nearly half of adult children in their mid-forties getting the Facebook ball rolling with their folks.

Hello Mother, Hello Father

Facebook analysts also took a look at which family member was mostly likely to start a virtual dialogue. Continue reading