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The Twit Cleaner

The Twit CleanerThere are THOUSANDS of Twitter Apps out there, with more being added every day.  (For a good directory, check out Twitdom). I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of them the last few days, and today I checked out The Twit Cleaner, which analyzes all the people you follow and gives you a report on who might be trashing up your Tweetstream with too many self-promoting/salesy tweets. Once analyzed, a report is generated that lets you select who/if to unfollow and then the app does the unfollowing for you in small batches so as not to set off the “mass unfollow” alarms of other Twitter apps.

The app, like most Twitter apps, is extremely easy to use.  You just give the permissions to connect with your Twitter account, go into Twitter and follow @thetwitcleaner, and once your report is ready, you’ll get a Twitter DM with a link to your report.  Here’s a snapshot from my report:

Snapshot of my Twit Cleaner report

The service showed me the specific people I was following who were “dodgy” (11 of the 267 I’m following) and what behaviour got them this label — ie: tweeting the same link all the time, putting too many @’s in one tweet too often. It also detailed how many of the peeps I follow ignore me or had no activity over a one month period.

After perusing the lists, you can select whether or not to unfollow all these people, only some, or none, as you wish, and the app will unfollow them for you.  Again, you’ll get a DM in Twitter when the unfollowing starts and how long it will take.  Depending on how many unfollows, I guess the timing varies.  In my case, I unfollowed about 20 people and it took about two minutes.   I can see that this would be very useful for cleaning up large tweetstreams, and I will definitely run this on a regular basis.