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Why Airtime, the “Random” Video Chat, Just Might Catch On

airtime logoFor the most part, video chatting is a second or third step in today’s high-tech social networking progression. It’s something you do with friends or acquaintances after you’ve already met them via some other social forum.

Sure, services like OOvOO, Ustream and Google+ have facilitated group video experiences (with varying levels of success), and Skype has been connecting folks willing to exchange usernames or numbers for years. But typically, users don’t make their first connections with these types of video chats.

Sean Parker—of Napster and Facebook fame—is hoping to change all that with the launch of his new video chat platform, Airtime.

Airtime is a web-based video chat service that introduces users to one another based on their shared interests on Facebook—along with “friends of friends” degrees of separation and location data, as well. You choose the parameters by which you’ll be connected when you log on to the site… and then, you sit back and see who pops up.

Airtime arrives in the controversial wake of another random video chat service, Chatroulette, which became notorious for the risqué behavior of some users. (So over-the-top risqué, in fact, that the site had to implement measures –like “safe” mode, etc. –to protect users from the exhibitionist tendencies of others.)

But what differentiates Airtime from Chatroulette—apart from Sean Parker’s considerable investment and endorsement —is the use of digital integration to make the random connections significantly less random. Airtime leverages the information people plug into Facebook to make pre-qualified introductions, and the rationale is that these data-driven connections are more likely to foster ongoing engagement between users of the site (and between users and Airtime itself). Continue reading

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Four Steps to Maximize Facebook Engagement with Video

Facebook Like ButtonEarlier this year, I recommended three types of Facebook video posts that can offer the highest levels of engagement and social return on investment: the landing page video, the company culture video and the how-to-video. Now, let’s discuss ways that you can optimize Facebook videos like these to maximize fan engagement, delight loyal brand enthusiasts and draw in new customers.

The Five-Minute Rule

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook video is the attention span of your audience. Resolve to keep all of your videos between two and five minutes in length, and edit out all information that isn’t relevant. 300 seconds is longer than you think; you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in that amount of time. Remember, any supplemental information should be readily available on your website for fans who want to dig deeper.

Grab Their Attention (In Ten Seconds or Less)

You have three minutes, or so, to tell a story. But, you’ve got even less time to make a first impression and increase the odds that your fans will watch your clip from beginning to end. While video may be the most engagement-inspiring content at your disposal, it’s also on the front lines in the battle for audience attention. There is now an almost limitless supply of video content available to tempt your customers and fans, and you’ll need to distinguish your company’s message above all this noise. Here are a few sobering stats to keep top-of-mind: Continue reading